Misidentified as McCoy Pottery

The purpose of this tab is for yet a third grouping of pieces for information in addition to the Fakes and Reproductions topics. These are pieces that are misidentified as McCoy Pottery product. Within this group are pieces that a seller has identified as a piece made by McCoy Pottery but in fact was made by another maker. These pieces do not have the “McCoy” name on them and in most cases, they do not carry any markings. Several may have a USA mark but, as we know, many of the pottery companies marked their wares with “USA” starting in the 1940s for the main purpose of informing the buyer it was not an import.

This incorrect McCoy identification of these pieces may simply be due to similarity in design style and general aesthetic look of the pieces, the color of the glazing of a particular piece being similar to that of a known McCoy glaze or maybe a bit of a combination of both. Or, unfortunately, this error may have had the intention to knowingly defraud. Many of these pieces are actually very collectable by pottery collectors that collect pottery by one of the other manufacturers. So, for the sake of the newer collector, this group is an attempt to “set the record straight” on all these pieces not being made by McCoy Pottery.

Sometimes pieces can be found that the seller writes in a description, “I think it was made by McCoy”, or writes, “It could be made by McCoy? Hull ? Shawnee? etc. Pieces with this type of uncertain description are not included in this group. However, although an authentic piece of McCoy is indeed occasionally found that is not in any of the reference books, do not assume that a seller that “thinks” that his piece was made by McCoy knows more than you. Research the piece before you buy.

Other pieces will be also be added to this Tab as they surface with misidentification as McCoy. We welcome all members to send information on any photos you might come across of a piece that would be appropriate to add to this new category.

Hopefully this information and pictures will help collectors of Nelson McCoy Pottery avoid buying a piece that was not made by the company.
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