Code of Ethics

  • Agreements between a buyer and seller to buy, sell, or trade bind both parties, regardless of whether the agreements are written or verbal.
  • Sellers must be truthful and accurate when stating authenticity and condition, and all damage and repairs must be pointed out to the buyer.
  •  Buyers must be given the right to return any piece and receive a full refund if the buyer finds that the seller has misrepresented the authenticity or condition of a piece, or if damage or repair invisible at the time of purchase is discovered.
  • All pottery offered for sale must be clearly priced by the seller.
  • Sellers that agree to give a buyer first refusal at a specified price, must not renege.
  • When a purchase is made by a buyer that does not physically see the piece, the seller must allow the buyer to return the piece for any reason and give a full refund, provided the piece is returned in an agreed to allotted time. The seller must clearly state the amount of time allowed for returns at the time of the transaction.
  • Sellers must provide their name, business name, if any, and address and telephone number when requested by a buyer.
  • All sellers and buyers must be completely honest in all business dealing, and all transactions must be in accordance with the law.