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This planter was left in a shed when I purchased my home. I know nothing about it other than I recently had a guest who was very upset that I was actually planting in this "antique", as they called it. Is it really that rare & am I ruining it by still using it as it was intended to be used? It just works so well for my annuals I never thought much about whether or not it was old. It's sort of a creamy white color with a small rough drain hole hidden in the bottom corner, & it has no cracks. How much of it is dirt stain I don't know as it was sort of stuffed up in the rafters of the shed. ?


Thanks for writing about this! This pot and saucer was made in 1961 and came in several colors. I think it is great that you use it and enjoy it. McCoy is highly collectible...but also was made to use! Sometimes this pattern is referred to as "beetle band". Enjoy!