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I'm writing to you because we had this frog in my family since before I was born. I'm born 1954. It will be nice if you can tell me how old you think it is. I think we got it from my fathers auntie. She left Sweden about 1930 and I think she sent this as a gift to my grandmother. But I don't know when. Maybe it's interesting for you that this frog been in Sweden for so long time. Best regards, Ronny in Stockholm, Sweden ?


Thank you so much for writing to us about your frog planter by McCoy. It was made as early as 1950 and only came in the green color. The yellow paint is the original "cold paint" trim that came on the frogs. That means it was painted after the pottery was fired, thus it could wear or wash off in time. The value is approximately $30-40.00 It is interesting that it has been in Stockholm all these years and I'm curious to know if you ever see other McCoy Pottery there!