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Hi, I just picked up this piece at an estate sale. It was dirty and out in a garage. I noticed the McCoy on the bottom and thought it was an interesting shape and color. It has a couple of issues. The red rim is quite faded. There is a spot of red glaze on one side and an extra bit of clay (porcelain?) on the bottom. Is this an authentic McCoy vase and what time period is it from? Could it be a factory second or was there more red on this vase and it's faded over time ?


This is a genuine McCoy vase from the Ripple Line, made in 1950. The extra clay and extra paint is not uncommon to see. They made many items a day! There was a seconds store and it would be impossible to know what might have gone out through there or thru regular shipments to customers. The top edge is what was a different color than the rest of the vase, there would not have been more of the red paint. There are a couple different shapes to this line.