Can you tell me the name of this pattern and its value? It was used as a planter. The bowl has McCoy USA under it. The plate has USA The second item seems to be McCoy. Does V. A. C. stand for Veterans a? Center. There is a military base in Biloxi. I would truly appreciate any info! Is it McCoy? There are no marks underneath vase. Thanking you very much in advance! ?


Your first two pieces are from the Vesta Line by McCoy . This line was made in 1962. The larger piece is a Planting Dish. the smaller piece is a shallow bowl...I've never seen the two together!. There were two sizes of this shallow bowl. The line contained several more shapes and colors. the double tulip is not McCoy, but a knock off, (copy) of a McCoy vase. Unfortunately there are lots of them in the market place.