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I am a complete McCoy novice, so this may be a rather obvious question, but is this an authentic McCoy piece, as far as you can tell? I love all of the hand-themed pottery pieces that I've seen labeled as McCoy, but I know that many of them are misidentified. Wondered if you could tell me about this particular piece found on Etsy. Here is a link to the listing: ?


Welcome to the world of McCoy! This is a wonderful example of the McCoy hands tray...should be marked NM on the back. There are other hands by McCoy. The reference books I like, which would include the hands are the series of three books by Hanson/Nissen/Hanson, McCoy Pottery Collectors Reference and Value Guide and the Sanfords Guide to McCoy Pottery. All of these books can bee seenon other pages within the website. Interesting fact about the hands is that Nelson McCoy told me some were modeled from his Mothers hands, Ruth McCoy.