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I am having trouble finding the actual name of my pattern its all terra cottage with Fall leaves, grapes, and walnuts. It is # 7515 the pitcher and basin. Its in excellent condition the only flaws I can tell is that there is two tiny spots of blackish ceramic on the part of basin that sits directly on the surface, the ring. The spots are about the size of a pen tip. The marks on the Pitcher say 7515 McCoy USA with a C and it has it triple lined on the C's side making 3 C. The basin marks are McCoy 7515 USA what would the value be ?


Since I didn't have a photo of your set i searched ebay for the number and came up with this one...Is it like yours? If so, it is the Fruit Festival Design which was used on other items, too. There is one listed on ebay now for 22.00 and I feel that is pretty accurate. if you were to see one for sale in an antique mall it would probably be priced higher, maybe 35.00-40. I do not think the spots you described would affect the price. Thank you for your inquiry