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Sharon & Bob Huxford's Collector's Encyclopedia of Brush McCoy Pottery 1996 explains that, in 1927, Brush Pottery acquired a controlling interest in Watt Pottery and began stoneware production at that facility in Crooksville, OH. The Watt mark was a shield-like mark with a number in the center. Your site shows an encircled shield mark with a number in the center that is described as being an early 1920s mark. NMSSC supposedly used the shield mark around that time. Attached is a jpeg of a green mug with shield on the bottom. Some call it McCoy Alps. Others call it McCoy Troubadour. I have not found any lines of those names, but I believe this is from the 1927 Dutch Line made by Watt for Brush Pottery. Per Huxfords, the 1927 Brush Dutch Line was, "Embossed Frolicking Dutchmen, in blended colors of green and brown, or high-gloss Kolorkraft hues." The color of the clay on this piece is ivory, and the quality appears to be rough, or crude. Also, are these pieces known to be reproduced?


The mug in your photo is a product of McCoy and is noted as having been made in 1926. Also made in the Buccaneer line was a 8 1/2" tall Tankard and a Covered Jar that is 7 l/2" tall. All could be found in dark green or dark brown. I am not aware of items made by Watt but this is a marked used on other items by McCoy.