McCoy Limited

By Chiquita Prestwood

McCoy Limited is one of the eras of McCoy Pottery Collecting that draws new interest. Nelson and Billie McCoy established this company and produced numerous pieces after their retirement from Nelson McCoy Pottery. Billie did most of the design work. Various holiday motifs were followed in designing the items during this time and most are marked either McCoy Ltd. or McCoy Limited.

Presented here are only a few of the items to serve as a general representation of the McCoy Limited pieces. Once you determine the style of the items it will be easier to know what to look for on your “hunts”. I will present additional items in future articles.

Only two McCoy Limited cookie jars were produced. Both have a Christmas theme. One is a Santa Claus that doubles as a bank. The other is a Bell with Christmas decals on each side.

articles_clip_image002_0000 articles_clip_image004_0000
Easter is represented by a Cross-vase, as well as a Cracked Eggs planter, a Duck Planter, and a Bunny.

Halloween is a favorite holiday of many and is well represented by various sizes of Jack-O-Lantern items. Among these are cups, napkin holder, salt and pepper set, and different shapes, such as different size ghosts, that are perfect to set over candles for that frightening effect.

Other pieces of this type are The Haunted House, which shares the limelight with McSkull – the shape of a human skull.

articles_clip_image004_0001Another one is The Witches Hat Snack Server, which is one of my favorites. Of course, there are many pumpkin designs with names like Punkin’ Patch. Then there are black cats. It wouldn’t be Halloween without a black cat.

Thanksgiving turkeys are plentiful. Then the pieces run from a serving tray to salt and pepper shakers, to candle holders and a covered candy dish. Thanksgiving is another holiday that is covered quite well.

articles_clip_image002_0002 articles_clip_image004_0002
Christmas is the favorite holiday for many, and there’s no reason not to have your McCoy Limited Christmas pieces on display during this time of the year. There are numerous sizes of Christmas Trees, some have the miniature bulbs and wiring for lighting.

Another design is the Christmas Scarf People, which are various Christmas figures with scarves. Also there is the Christmas Line (trees, Santas, Holly, etc.)

Various other lines of McCoy Limited include McLights, which are figural candleholders, Candle Columns (Various sizes of columnar candleholders), Decorators Collection (various designs), and Collectibles, such as bells, music boxes and candleholders.

As mentioned above, the pieces shown are only a few representative items. More of these pretty pieces will be shown in future articles.