Uncommon Nelson McCoy Pieces

image242The Cereal Bowl shown here is ivory, with brown flecks, and has a pattern of swirls around the lip that is in alternating colors of turquoise and brown. The bowl has diameter of 5½-inches and is two inches tall. It is marked “McCoy U.S.A.” This flecked bowl was first produced without decorations in 1958.

image243To the left is a round planter with a 7-inch diameter. It is 5-inches tall. The name of the decal pattern is Red Antique Rose. The planter is marked with a “McCoy U.S.A.”

image244The mixing bowl shown here has a golden brown glaze with a lighter, golden colored foamy band around the lip. The bowl has an 8-inch diameter and is 4½ – inches tall. The bottom is marked “McCoy U.S.A. Oven Proof”. This bowl was first issued in different colors in 1957, and it has been re-issued many times in different colors since then.


image245The 22 ounce pitcher shown to the left is style number 150. It was produced for a number of years, but it was first issued in 1955. It came in three sizes, 22 oz, 48 oz, and 64 oz. The colors were red, green, or brown, all with a frosty white over-drip. The pitcher has an embossed “McCoy USA” mark.

Here is a common Nelson McCoy mug with an unusual decoration. This shape mug was first issued in 1977 in the Canyon Line of kitchenware. Obviously the mug to the right was made under contract, possibly to the name on the decal. The decal reads, “UKRAINE Crafts The Pier St. Petersburg, FLA.”