The Fineforms Line

By Craig Nissen

The Fineforms Line was one of the last Lines released for sale by the Nelson McCoy Pottery Company and was continued on by Designer Accents after they bought the Company in 1985. The Fineform pieces all carry their catalog number designation which is a 400 series number with the exception of two pieces. Most will also have a USA mark. None of the Fineform pieces carry any McCoy mark.

The List on the next page is a complete list of all the production Fineform pieces sold. It can provide a reference for a collector should they decide to try and collect the entire line. The “Rarity” column was added to provide collectors with an estimate of how hard it may be to add any particular piece to their collection. All of the pieces are included in the photos on the following pages. The last two catalog pages are from the late 1980s versions of the Fineform pieces where Designer Accents added an etched design to an original Fineform piece or a floral decal.

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