Nelson McCoy Pottery Company Historical Marker

By Tony Harrington

A few years in the making…

 A couple of years ago the movement started to create a memorial to McCoy Pottery on behalf of the McCoy Pottery Collectors’ Society.  The adage is nothing is ever easy is so true!  Last year at the annual Board Meeting the recommendation was brought forward to continue and explore the possibility of having a marker created.  Edward Alexander accepted the task of creating a committee and working toward this goal.  In the past year Ed has worked consistently with many individuals to acquire the appropriate text and layout.  If you have never created a marker let me explain…

The Ohio Historical markers identify places and events that have contributed to the state’s rich history. The Ohio Historical Markers Program, administered by the Ohio Historical Society, is a vital educational tool, informing residents and visitors about significant aspects of Ohio’s past.   There are currently 1458 markers located across the state that recognize Ohio’s rich cultural history. Made of cast aluminum, these signposts provide a tangible record of Ohio’s history.

Ed found out quickly that the requirements needed to submit an application for review was detailed!  Every fact had to be footnoted which required conversations with many McCoy historians, past presidents, collectors and yes even Nelson McCoy.  80 years of history was to be condensed into a mere 125 words.  Size of text, double sided sign or not, logos to include and of course the text itself created many discussions, revisions and finally a consensus from most.

At present we have formally sent the application to the Ohio Historical Marker program and awaiting final review and approval.  Once the application is approved we will need to raise the funds and then the sign will be sent for casting at the foundry.

It is our hope that we will be able to have the sign created, cast and delivered for an unveiling at this year’s Pottery Week.  This installation and unveiling will take place in Roseville where the marker will be placed in perpetuity.

Our request to you our membership is to assist with a kind donation to the Society on behalf of the Historical Marker.  We are awaiting a final cost but have a goal of $3,000.  We would love 100% participation from our membership.  All contributors will be recognized in future Journal Editions.   Funds for the marker will include the cost of the Marker and fees by the Marker Program to set up for casting and the post to install the sign.  Any overages of funds received to the McCoy Pottery Collectors’ Society will be held in escrow for any replacement as we, The Society, are responsible for the ongoing upkeep of the Marker.


(Example of Ohio Historical Marker)


Donations can be sent and made out to:

McCoy Pottery Collectors’ Society
Re: Historical Marker
420 Quail Run Circle
Fountain Inn, SC 29644