My Pink Poppy Story

image241I just wanted to share a very nice story with the Society. I live in Louisiana, and my sisters and I are avid McCoy collectors. A few weeks ago, we went to one of our regular antique spots here in New Orleans, and to our surprise, the shop had a McCoy Poppy.

The most shocking part about this was the selling price. The poppy is in mint condition; all the colors are bright and vibrant. The sale price was $50.00! So, with out thinking any more about it, my sister snapped it up.

When she got to the counter, as all serious collectors do, she asked if $50.00 was the rock bottom price! The sales person thought for a minute, and then she said she would take $10.00 off! Long story short, my sister got a mint, Pink Poppy planter for $43.00 including tax!

My other sister and I are so jealous, but we both had to admit, what a find!