Have You Seen This Rare Production Piece of McCoy?

image234By Craig Nissen

It may be simple in design, but this Flower Holder Planter is not short on desirability for any McCoy Pottery collector that likes the early 1940’s era of McCoy Pottery collecting! This is the only example I have personally seen of this production piece. However, that may be simply because it is not well known, and because it is not marked McCoy for easy identification. This just may mean there are some examples out there, waiting to be discovered!

The Planter, which I think looks more like a “Canoe” in shape, is described as a No.K-25, Flower Holder, on the catalog page. The “Canoe” Planter is just over 7-inches long, and 2-inches wide. The tip of the highest point on one end is about 2 1/8-inches tall. The second photo of the Flower Holder is included with the well-known Heart Vase from the same era to help provide a good perspective of size.

image235Pictured in the third photo is the bottom of the piece showing the “USA” marking. If you look at the following catalog page, you can see the Flower Holder “Canoe” Planter included on this page from a 1941 catalog. What adds additional interest is that a November 1941 issue of the 1941 pricing pages, does not include this “K-25” Flower Holder Planter. This would seem to add additional support to the puzzle of why this seems to be such a scarce, production piece. A likely scenario is that it was released in 1941, but did not sell well. As a result, it was dropped from the line later in the year as supported by the lack of its inclusion in the November 1941 pricing.

image236This particular example of the K-25

Flower Holder Planter, has the production, gloss aqua glaze coloring. It is likely the Planter was also made in the variety of other glaze colors as were the other three Flower Holders pictured next to it on the catalog page. None of them are easy finds either, but I think this “Canoe” Flower Holder is by far the scarcest of the Group!

I hope this information was a bit fun as well as helpful for you, and that just maybe, you might find one yourself in your hunting for McCoy!! Good Luck!

Planting Dishes

Planting Dishes