A Variety of the Nelson McCoy #270 Vase

Reported By Clarke Winslow

The Nelson McCoy Pottery produced the #270 vase in 1945. The 9-inch tall vase was issued in pastel colors of White, Green, or Peach. Those were the colors until 1948, when they changed to Green, Coral, or Yellow. These were the available colors until 1951, the last year the vase was produced. The #270 vase is marked “McCoy”, and it is shown on the left below. Notice the small side handles.

Sometime during the six-years that the #270 vase was produced, a small design modification was made. The two cutouts, which formed the handles, were omitted, evidently as a cost saving measure. See the vase on the right below.

This modified vase is not shown in the pottery catalogs, and it is not known exactly when the change occurred. Also, it is not known how long the modified vase was produced. The vase is not generally pictured in the McCoy reference books, although it is pictured in the reference, Warman’s McCoy Pottery, 2 nd Edition. It is doubtful that this vase was produced for a long time, since it is not readily found.