A Non-Production Quadruple Bulb Bowl

Reported by B. J. Steins

Collectors of Nelson McCoy pottery are familiar with a piece called the Triple Bulb Bowl. Well, recently surfaced is this non-production, Quadruple Bulb Bowl.

The quadruple bowl is 11-inches long, nine inches wide, and five inches tall. It found in a farmhouse in Alamance County, North Carolina .

The four-colored bowl begins with dark green near the base, merging to a pale green, then to a creamy white, and finally to a pale pink at the top.

The bowl has four feet, and on bottom of three of them, there are worker notations scratched into the bisque. On one foot there is “111U”, another has “640 pink”, and on the third foot there is “tpot green”. In the center of the bowl bottom is an embossed McCoy, with a perpendicular USA.

For some reason a decision was made not to produce the quadruple bulb bowl, but produce a triangular version instead. Apparently, the quad bowl was a forerunner to the 1950’s Triple Bulb Bowl.

So, from the way things look, we all need to remain on our toes while shopping, because it is clear that everything that the McCoy pottery made has not been found yet.

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