2018 Convention

2018 Convention (Reunion) Information

In conjunction with Pottery Week in Zanesville, Ohio, the McCoy Pottery Collectors Society sponsors an Annual Convention of McCoy pottery collectors every July.  The Society will kick things off on Thursday July 12th. On this day the first sale of Nelson and Billy McCoy’s collection will be sold at public auction. Followed Friday by another Auction of the McCoy’s Collection. We end Friday evening with the Society Banquet. The Theme for 2018 is RED WHITE and BLUE, The Patriotic Things.

There will also be our regular Show & Tell display. This is a display of any authentic, but rare or uncommon piece of J.W. McCoy, Brush-McCoy, or Nelson McCoy pottery. Uncommon means not only a difficult piece to find, but it may also be any unusual, or non-production glaze coloring or decoration. Each attendee is urged to bring their special piece, or pieces, and add to this display. All displays are silent displays, no oral presentation is required. Society members and all persons interested in McCoy Pottery are invited to participate.


This year our main events during Pottery Week will be July 12th and 13th. The Society Headquarters will again be the Quality  Inn & Suites (Formally the Comfort Inn). The Quality Inn is located at 500 Monroe Street in Zanesville, Ohio. The telephone number is 740-454-4144. A Hotel Room Layout is found here. A map showing the location of the Quality Inn is given below. A map will also be included with your registration materials. The Quality Inn will set aside a block of rooms, at a reduced rate for Convention attendees. The reserved rooms will be held until at least mid-June. The block of rooms are set up for 2018 so make your reservations early to receive the reduced rate. Please tell the attendant that you are part of the McCoy Pottery Collectors’ Society Group. View Larger Map A sign will be placed in the lobby of the Comfort Inn giving the location and times for convention registration and pickup of registration packet materials.


The location of  our Banquet and Displays, will again be held at the Knights of Columbus located in the Sunrise Shopping Center on Friday Evening July 13th. The shopping center is east of Zanesville proper on State Highway 22, as shown on the map below: View Larger Map

Banquet and the Displays

The Banquet, and the displays will occur on Friday evening July 13th beginning at 5:00 p.m. Each attendee is cordially invited to participate in the displays. See the complete Show and Tell Guidelines below. Click here for the Display Guidelines. Click here for the Display Form.

In-Room Selling

A popular feature of the convention is in-room selling. All attendees are invited to bring any J.W. McCoy, Nelson McCoy or Brush-McCoy pottery that they wish to sell and offer their pottery for sale in their hotel room. In-room selling of pottery may occur at any time during the convention at times chosen by the individual sellers. In-Room selling is a major event and many people participate as both buyers and sellers. So, if this will be your first convention, don’t hesitate in bringing those McCoy pieces that you would like to sell. Whether you bring only several pieces or those boxes full of unwanted McCoy’s that you have accumulated over the years, any number is welcome.

Convention Event Registration

If you would like to register for one or more events, a registration form will be available by April of 2018 on this web site and may be submitted at that time including a personal check or money order in the appropriate amount. Early registration is always appreciated. Click here (Soon) for the 2018 Convention Registration Form For registrations mailed prior to June 1st, the Society member cost for both the Mixer and Auction and the Banquet / Displays, will be $24.00 per person, per event. All members are allowed to bring one guest at Member prices to one or both events. For registrations made after June 1st, the cost of each event will be $29.00 per person, per event. For Non-Members beyond the (1) guest per member the cost will be $29.00 per person for the Mixer and Auction and for the Banquet / Displays. There is a mail-in deadline for registrations of June 1st. Please note that the fees are increased for registrations after June 1st, and no mail-in registrations are accepted after June 25th. Registrations can be made at the Convention Headquarters at the Quality Inn the week of the events but fees will be at the higher levels. Please make check/money orders payable to: McCoy Pottery Collectors Society P.O. Box 682 Thomson, GA  30824