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Membership in the McCoy Pottery Collectors Society is open to all with an interest in McCoy Pottery. Annual dues are $25.00 per person in the USA, and $28.00 per person for Canadian residents. Included with membership is four of the Society Journals (34 pages each) published January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1st.

Dues are due by January of each year. If dues are paid for a new membership before July 1st of a given year, the member will receive the Journals published earlier that year, as well as the balance of Journals to be published that year. If dues are received after July 1st, the new member will receive only the last Journal (October) for that year and will be considered paid for the next full year, receiving all four Journals.

An email reminder notice will be sent to all members when the dues are payable. Dues notices will be mailed to those without an e-mail address.

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